Review & Sanction

All applications will be subjected to review, if during review we notice any fraudulent action action such as:

1, Providing a different account number from your Salary (allawe) account.

2, Picking a plan above the amount of month you have to stay in service.

Your account will be immediately unsubscribed and your money refunded but you will be charged a fixed charge of 1,000 naira aside bank charges


We have have two shipping options for clients within the state we operate.

  • Local pick-up at our office for free
  • Local delivery for a fixed price of 1000

For those outside the state we operate, your laptops will be delivered to your billing address by our courier service partners GIGL.


To know more on our refund Policy visit:

Bank Charges

Subsidized bank charges will be deducted from buyers and point of payment.

Installment Fee & Initial deposit

E.g if you want to buy  a laptop of 57000 for three month plan you will not pay any initial deposit but you will be charged 57000+3000= 60000 for three month.

Therefore ,you will be charged 20000 for each month for three month.